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Our Pastor 

Rev. Glenn Ribelin SR.

Open Hearts - Open Minds - Open Doors
The People of The United Methodist Church
My journey and calling can not be wrote in very short form, nor can a vision statement be made without getting to know where we are in our walk with the Lord, but in short, I will attempt to share something about myself and how God has opened my understanding of Church.  In short, I was called when I was very young, ran as a teenager, lost in a world of desires, only to find myself all alone with what may have seemed by most "as having it all".  Shaken and reminded by God to make a choice in my thirties, I chose the better things.  The things God had called me to do.  Since then, I've been through the burning fire, Jesus walked with me and I haven't looked back.  Born of the Spirit, I took up my cross, denied myself, the world, and followed Christ.  Christ I serve.  I have been a child of God over 20 years.  (A Christian) I have been a Methodist all my life.  I have taught Sunday School, beena a Lay Speaker, Lay Leader, participated in UMM, helped with outreach, lead a Prayer group, Bible studies, Bible Trivia, Discipleship Studies and have been a local Pastor 8 years.  I have finished the 5 year basic course of study at Duke Divinity.  I have 4 children, three boys and one girl.  Three are married and are graduates of USC.  I have 6 grandchildren, four girls and two boys.  I am blessed witha a wonderful wife who loves the Lord and serves Him.  We both are sinners who by the grace of God have been given a new beginning and that is the Church in which Christ is Building.  The Church that Christ builds is not one of bricks, mortar, walls and paint.  It has no roof up top nor carpet on the floor, though we gather in such a place, without love, forgiveness, and self denial there is no true worship.  Without change of heart, mind, and soul there is no church.  True worship is in The Spirit.  My vision for all people everywhere is that we understand what it means to be The Church and Hope that no one be fooled that just being on roll, paying tithes, teaching, singing and even preaching is all that Church is.  Church is something much Larger that that!  I pray God touches everyone's heart so we can be the hands and feet of Christ everywhere we go, at work, at home, at school, at play.  So dying with Christ we will Live with Him.  There should be no place in which we can separate ourselves from The Church Christ has Built.  That Church lives and Breathes inside you.  Let us stand United, grounded in God's Word, with love in our hearts and grow together. 
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We gather for study each Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM
We gather for Worship each Sunday Morning at 11:00 AM

God bless everyone,
Rev. Glenn Ribelin Sr.

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